Our Complete 3, 6 & 12-month Marketing Package

We deliver a complete marketing package and lead generation service to you with 3 easy payment options.

Our Complete Marketing Package For a Start Up Or Growing Company.

  • Brand awareness through visual online connection
  • SEO presence through blogs and home page analytics
  • Social network design
  • Social network monitoring and creation
  • Website development
  • Brand development
  • Website content structure
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market analyses
  • Power point presentation
  • Lead Generation

What Our Complete Marketing Package Can Offer As Your Company Continues to Grow:

  • All of the basic package
  • Advertising –TV, Papers’ and magazines, billboards, mobile advertising
  • Creative package (inc Video Production, photography, audio licensing, artworks)
  • Keyword management (PPC)
  • SEO presence through blogs and website analytics
  • Brand awareness
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market analysis
  • IT management
  • Social account management
  • Organic strategic partnerships
  • Merchandising

Lancelot Package3 Month Package

£ £797

  • Enhance your website so you see more sales with proven strategies
  • 36 keyword rich blogs with a minimum of  500 words over 3 months
  • 12 visually compelling infographics to improve SEO and shares
  • Establish your Social media presence with our strategies that have seen clients increase followers by 30%
  • Facebook campaign to help to target the right audience, increase visibility and remarket more
  • Target your competitors keywords, followers and their backlinks
  • Content creation
  • Weekly campaign reports to show progress so the right channels are being invested in
  • 2 explainer videos for the life time of your Lancelot package
  • Help to increase your email database list so you can remarket and offer your services time and time again

Arthur Package9 Month Package

£ £1197

Per MonthLancelot Package included + the following

  • 24 hour virtual PA and telephone service
  • 40 unique explainer styled videos over the duration of your  Arthur package
  • 3x photoshoot – Commercial or Product
  • 2x video sales ad – Broadcast ready
  • Product Sales Strategy and Action plan
  • We’ll even get on the phones and help you find and set up strategic partners who can help you business grow faster
  • Lead Generation – we can help you find and close deals if you have a fear of selling on the phone

Excalibur Growth Package12 Month Full Package


PER MONTHIn this package you will get BOTH Lancelot and Arthur – Plus the following

  • We will help you get your first TV commercial on-air (SKY, Freeview and Digital)
  • We will help you get you get your product business or service on billboards across the UK
  • Ready to go international. We will introduce you to our international audience

(Additional cost may apply)


  • Increase in the number of people visiting your website or calling up to make enquires
  • Increase in online presence
  • Increase in customer awareness and support
  • Slight increase in sales


  • Increase in the number of people visiting your website or calling up to make enquires
  • Increase in online presence
  • Increase in customer awareness and support
  • 50% Increase in sales or invoice generated
  • Stronger brand awareness within your core markets
  • A reusable promotion strategy that works
  • A reusable advertising strategy that works

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