Social Media Marketing

There are three important steps to creating a successful social media marketing campaign. Firstly we Listen, understand and then engage with the group. Our social media team have each worked, in marketing for, large global brand as well as smaller local or national companies. We will work with you to create a tailored social media campaign for each of the social platforms your currently using and because we do our research, we also suggest new media platforms that your audience also engage with. This campaign will help you better understand your audience wants, needs and buying habits. Using this information, our team of marketing experts create a steady stream of content that your audience are more likely to respond well too, resulting in more traffic being driven to your website and more leads generated for your sales funnel.

social media marketing

KCM Social Media Marketing Process

Social media marketing makes big companies feel small again, and gives small companies a natural advantage because they are closer to their customers. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you have interesting stories to tell. Finding and sharing them is the first step toward social media success.


Your blog or website should be a key component of your content marketing strategy as well as your social media strategy, as this is where you would direct followers to forge a deeper relationship on a media platform that you own. As part of our social media service we will be managing your blog and it’s content for you.


We will devise a content plan, finely tuned to elevate your social media presence. Based on your business we will decide which social media platform best suits you, the function of your social media platform, what tone the channel should have, how many posts, at what time of the day. Identifying your audience and it’s leaders and engaging them ect…


We will do your blog posts, infographics, visuals (videos or/and pictures) ect… all of which will all be filtered out through your social media channels. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Email Marketing ect…


We will continually communicate with you to provide analytic reports to quantify the impact of your social media campaigns. These reports will include significant social media activity (increase in following, furthering reach, etc.), trends we’re seeing, and other things to look out for (there may be some link building or SEO items to point out here). We include screen shots from analytics specific to the social media outlet (i.e. Facebook).

 Repeat cycle with a new strategy.


FROM £ 395

Per Month
  • 2x Social Media Account Management
  • 2x blogs each month (This helps improve your SEO)


FROM £ 495

Per Month
  • 2x Social Media Account Management
  • 2x blogs each month (This helps improve your SEO)
  • Website analytics and Keyword research


FROM £ 695

Per Month
  • 4-6x Social Media Account Management
  • 4x Blogs each month (This helps improve your SEO)
  • Website analytics and Keyword research
  • 1 x  Infographics

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