Animated Video Production

A well animated video’s carrying a well communicated message can lead to more interested visitors to your business. Our animated video’s clearly explains the benefits and tells the story of your product service or brand in a memorable fashion.

Knight Castle Media’s team of talented in-house animators are experts in their field, they are capable of unparalleled high quality produced 2D, 3D and Stop Motion Animation. Using the best, most up to date equipment and technology our animation team will create animated videos, working with you to bring your stories to life! Whether you are looking to sell a service or a product, with animation’s ability to be flexible and adaptable to any conceptual idea, there are no limits to bringing visually engaging animation that will communicate directly, concisely and effectively with your audience.

Our Work

KCM Animated Video Process

Knight Castle’s range of Animation services varies from 2D to 3D Animation, Stop Motion to Animated Explainer Videos, top way to engage your audience effectively. We produce our Animation videos using our 5 step process, from the initial idea and concept to the final delivery.


The first step, would typically be to develop the initial idea by brainstorming the animation concept and script it.


One of our top script writers, would work to develop the dialogue and would work directly with you to review and edit where necessary.


Once the story and scenes are fleshed out, our team of animators would create a story board which visualises the video scene by scene. With production details including detailed listing of all visuals connected with the script scene numbers. Locations detailed with prop requirements, actors required, staff needed, etc.

It is at this stage you will decide if you want to use your staff as extras in the corporate video, or pay actors/extras to stand in for them.


This part of the process gives you the client the opportunity to give some detailed feedback on the final product, which we would use to meet your requirements.


The final edit of your video is then sent for post production to be prepped and completed. We will then deliver it to you as an HD Movie file ready for multiple uses.


£ 575

  • 30-second Animated Explainer Video
  • Whiteboard Animation


£ 1,750

  • 30-second Animated Explainer Video
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 90-second 2D Animation


£ 2,895

  • 30-second Animated Explainer Video
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • 90-second 2D Animation
  • 90-second 3D Animation

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