Crowdfudning Video Production

Crowdfunding is a great way to to raise capital for a start up business. it is there for essential that your business is received in the best possible fashion. Our Crowdfunding video package has helped 30 businesses across the UK find  the full funding they have asked for. Let us take the pressure off by creating a Crowdfunding video that helps you kickstart your journey.

KCM Crowdfunding Video Process

Crowdfunding videos are the 21st Century’s version of the elevator pitch. Making a great first impression is vital if you want to capture funders imagination.  Crowdfunding videos are engaging tools that help investors understand your business, idea, concept, who they are investing in, and a call to action to move forward on your investment.


KCM will help you develop your crowdfunding video idea into a strong narrative which will go far into telling your story.


Writing dialogue for your campaign video will have to come from a place transparency and integrity. You will need to evaluate what you want and how to portrait your product. Showing it’s value through testimonials and early success.


If you are new to appearing on camera, we will ensure to capture more footage than needed to have more choice for the final cut of your crowdfunding video. With production details including detailed listing of all visuals connected with the script scene numbers. Locations detailed with prop requirements, actors required, staff needed, etc.
It is at this stage you will decide if you want to use your staff as extras in the corporate video, or pay actors/extras to stand in for them.


During the post production process you will have the opportunity revise the footage and contribute to final editing shots. Final revisions will be included in the final cut of the crowdfunding video.


After completing your crowdfunding video, our program of crowdfunding tips and marketing development will help you liberate yourself from isolating challenges of starting out with a new project and help get you the support, tools and foundational training to connect with your best marketing strategy and come out with a more powerful way of engaging your community.

Package A

£ 1,250

  • Content Structure
  • Main Video Production
  • Web Video creation

Package B

£ 2,850

  • Content Structure
  • Main Video Production
  • Web Video creation
  • Campaign Management

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