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Our Viral Video production team have had over 18million combined views with the viral video’s campaigns they have had shared on the world wide web. As a full service media agency, we will flesh out your Viral video idea produce and market it for you.

Knight Castle Media’s video production house provides a range of services which are tailor made to meet your viral video requirements. Each viral video project is a close creative collaboration with the client, for which we develop concepts from the ground-up, with our freelance production team that consists of Camera Operators, Producers, Editors, Directors, Lighting Technicians, Script Writers, Animators, Photographers and Motion Graphics/Visual/Special Effects Specialists.

Our Work

KCM Viral Video Process

Knight Castle’s viral video production services helps brands and businesses engage with their audiences at on a different, more effective level than traditional media.


This is the pre-planning stage of the process. We will discuss your specific needs, ideas and how to best use the viral videos to meet your business objectives.


The developed idea for the viral video will then be scripted to story board, scene by scene. Our script writer would work directly with you to review and edit where necessary.


In this part of the process we will lay out each scene of the viral video to storyboard. The viral video will be then be shot in HD quality.


During the post production process you will have the opportunity revise the footage and contribute to final editing shots. Final revisions will be included in the final cut of the viral video.


After completion we will work closely with you to decide which is the most affective way to launch your viral video, as it vital to get it right the first time. Viral videos have a period 24 to 48hrs to go viral, so an effective, calculating campaign to launch is required for the video to be successful.


£ 675

  • 30-second Explainer Video
  • Whiteboard Animation


£ 1,550

  • 30-second Explainer Video (x3)
  • Whiteboard Animation (x2)
  • 30-second Promotional Video


£ 3,100

  • 30-second Videos (x8)
  • Whiteboard Animation (x4)
  • 30-second Animated Video

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